The organizer of Ultransilvania is Asociatia Club Sportiv Sport si Anduranta.
The route of competition is 101,7 km long. The time limit for completing the route is 14 hours.
The race will start on the 26th of July, at 23.00 at Deva Fortress and the will end at the gate of the Sarmizegetusa Regia Fortress.
Registration is open until 07.07.2019. There will be a selection of participants based on the data sent by every competitor. Once made, this selection cannot be influenced in any way.
Participant must be over 18 years old. When picking up the race kit, they must hand over a medical letter certifying that they are healthy and able to participate at Ultransilvania. The medical letter cannot be older than three months from the first day of the race.
The participants will sign an affidavit concerning the statute, participation conditions, and will have no expressed claim against the organizers in case of any accidents or health problems occurred during the race. Also, they will agree that the medical teams cannot exist at all control points.
The athletes stopped or eliminated by procedures from the race cannot continue the competition. Otherwise, the organizers take no responsibility for proceeding with the race.
The athletes can have their own supplies, labeled and signed to be deposited at the personal standing at the control points specified by the participants.
The athletes must wear the competition number in front to assure visibility.
The athletes can receive assistance from the supporters. This can be accomplished only at the control points. No assistance is allowed between the control points; otherwise the athletes in this situation will be eliminated from the race.
The athletes must declare the number of the attendant and the type and registration number of the vehicle upon receiving the race kit. The vehicle must carry the official signs of the competition, name and number of the athlete.
The athletes and their attendants must know entirely the regulations, and, in the event of some questions, to ask for guidance from the organizers of the race.
The athletes and their supporters must protect the environment.
The athletes who want to quit must leave their number at the nearest control point and to sign certifying that they quit.
The athletes stopped and eliminated from the race will no longer be supported by the organizers, if they choose to continue the race.
The athletes are not allowed to use any vehicle inside the path of the race. Otherwise the athletes will be eliminated.
During nights it is mandatory to use flashlights.
The athletes must approach a fair-play attitude and conduct.
The athletes can be eliminated from the race, if:
  • do not respect the rules
  • the medical team finds that they are not able to finish the race
The control points can be relocated without further notice if, from unforeseen reasons, this is necessary.
Participation fees: 340 lei
The fee includes
     the festive dinner after the race
  • The number for participation the race
  • Electronic timing
  • Access to all the hydrating and feeding for the runner and for his/hers attendant
  • Presents form sponsors
  • Recuperation massage
  • SPA access
The participation fee is not refundable.
In case of any unforeseen situations, the requests will be addressed in writing to the organizers.
The organizers have the right to modify or cancel the competition in case of unforeseen circumstances.