The START shall be Friday, the 26th of July, at 23.00
Ultransilvania is an event unique in Romania created mainly for those who want to combine running and history. Organized entirely on driveway, within a distance of 100 kilometers, the ultra-marathon ties the most important historical sites of Hunedoara County: the Fortress of Deva, Corvinești Castle and Sarmizegetusa Regia.

The Romanian specific of the race carries you into a friendly atmosphere from modernism through the history of the fortress and the castle, the Romanian village, the breezy woodland and the magic of the rivers and lakes to the origin of the Romanians found inside the Dacian forest.

  • Fell the experience and find your limits by running through history.
  • The START shall be Friday, the 26th of July, at 23.00 hours.
  • Conditions of participation: the athletes who enter the race must have participated and finished at least a race within the last year under the following conditions:
Category A
  • 100 km in 13 hours
  • 24 hours race of 150 km
  • 12 hours race of 90 km
Category B
As a novelty, the Sport and Endurance Association offers the possibility to those who have never ran an ultra-marathon before, but want to run more than 42 kilometers can participate to Ultra Transylvania, if they have ran in the last 6 months at least a race in the conditions:
  • 4 hours marathon
  • 50 km in 5 hours
Time limit: the time limit for finishing the race is 14 hours. The athletes in B category shall be accepted as completers without taking into account the distance completed within the limit time of 14 hours.
The registration opens on 24.01.2019 and will close on 07.07.2019
All the athletes must be in a very good medical a physical condition. When receiving the kits, they will have to present a medical letter, not alder than 3 months certifying their medical state.
The control, food and hydration points: along the event’s path there will be a number of 17 control and hydration points. Also, there will be two central points, the first at Corvinesti Castle, and the second at Ludeștii de Jos village. The athletes can have their own supplies at the control points. For this they will have to specify upon receiving the kit that they request the transportation of the luggage at one or at both control points. The athletes can benefit of the support of their attendants only at the control points starting at the Corvinești Castle. It is for forbidden to help the athletes between the control points, or else the athletes can be disqualified.
Participation fee:
The amount of money to be paid for the athlete is 340 lei.
The fee includes:
The festive dinner after the race
The number for participation the race
Electronic timing
Access to all the hydrating and feeding facilities for the runner and for his/hers attendant
Presents form sponsors
Recuperation massage
SPA access